Monday, August 27, 2007

The DigiBarn and Facebook - A Killer Way to Meet Old School Geeks?

The Digibarn is a museum of old computers. They have a great virtual collection of every computer that I've ever owned and then some.

Here is just a small sample of weird computer systems I've owned or used extensively over the years:

Facebook currently has lots of curious personality matching tests such as "Which Disney Princess Are You?", Celebrity matching applications and personality comparison tests.

So here is a killer app idea for meeting old school geeks - why not combine the power of the Digibarn with the social network for Facebook to create a profile based on computers you owned over the past 20 years? Imagine having a date with someone who also owned a TI 99/4A, just like you? Imagine the nostalgic conversations about GOSUB, sprites and tape drives you could have over dinner?

At least it would be better than that Zombie Facebook application floating around these days...

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